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Lessons from Brené Brown

Blue Jay fledgling

Be vulnerable.

Let yourself be deeply seen,

love with your whole heart,

practice gratitude and able to say

'I am thankful to feel this vulnerable,

because it means I am alive,'

and believe

'I am enough.'

You are worthy of love and belonging.

From Brené Brown,The Power of Vulnerability

Blue Jay feathers in rain

Brené Brown, whom I first heard in her renowned TED TALK (over 33 million views), on "The Power of Vulnerability," introduced me to a whole new way of thinking.

With her characteristic humor, brilliant research and insights, she opened a door for me, which I previously had firmly closed, when she said that being vulnerable does not mean being weak.

I have spent much energy in the past trying to prove I was good enough, smart enough, strong enough, so this was eye-opening.

To know, that even with all my failings,

I am enough.

What a powerful 3-word reminder to say every day, every hour.

I have so much still to learn from her---I should probably listen to that TED talk daily for awhile, or at least until I read and reread her book, Daring Greatly, plus her other three books, all of which look fabulous.

She has also been on Krista Tippett's radio show On Being. I need to listen to that as well. If you listen to any of these, or read her books, please let me know what you think!

On my path to finding my truest self, I deem Brené Brown a worthy and invaluable guide.

Blue Jay Fledgling

Authenticity is the daily practice

of letting go who we think we are supposed to be

and embracing who we are.

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