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Dotty Holcomb Doherty
Who am I?

Describing oneself often shows up in job titles.

I've had some good ones:

High school biology and AP environmental science teacher,

four-sport varsity coach, wilderness expedition leader,

Grand Canyon North Rim interpreter, birding guide,

journalist, writing and poetry workshop instructor.

But there are other descriptors: 

I have been and always will be a jock. On the playing field or in the gym, I have always felt strong, courageous. 

I will always be an outdoors-woman. In wild places, I feel at home. 

Birder, wildlife photographer, writer, Quaker, poet, paddler, rower, gardener, knitter, Girl Scout leader, sunrise-watcher.

By great good fortune, I met and married a man better than I ever could have dreamed. He not only made me a Black Forest cherry cake soon after I met him sophomore year at Earlham College, but he also made me one over a Coleman Stove for my 30th birthday while we camped with students by the banks of the Rio Grande. A keeper for sure!

Two fabulous daughters, two years apart. Now young adults, they have helped me clear paths into unexplored aspects of myself. Taught me, by example, to not be afraid to speak my mind. Made me more open to possibility, to change, to chaos.

I am in constant flux, learning better what to let go, and what to cherish.

Clear the path. Then follow it. ​

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