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I eat waffles every morning. They are the one breakfast food I can eat. They sustain me.

waffle iron

I quickly learned I needed a heavy duty waffle iron. When I first started this regime several years ago, I blew through one waffle iron after another. They were not fit for my need. So Jonathan got me a super-duper industrial strength one that lasted two years. This is its successor. I had to make some batter adjustments, but we have made peace with each other.

Why, might you wonder, do I eat waffles every day. Am I in that big a rut?

Waffles with apple butter

I eat them because I have an irritable gut, IBS. It seems to get more irritated as time goes by. (Long story, not fit for a waffle tale!) I have given up gluten, dairy, sugar, eggs (unless baked into things--thank goodness!), and a multitude of other foods to keep my gut happy. But, where did that leave me? I did not want to live in Unhappy Food Land!

So, through much research and experimenting, I have found the waffle that works. I did eat pancakes for several years, but there is nothing like a good waffle. A GF DF SF waffle with sweet potato, cinnamon and nutmeg. A waffle packed with protein. With a side of unsweetened Amish apple butter to die for--I buy it by the case!

I eat what works. I have had to give up many things, both for my gut and for migraines. Irony: I had to give up chocolate in my late 30s--which previously had been a diet staple, and now Jonathan is a chocolatier! (P.S. Clandestine Chocolates--can be found on Facebook and Instagram--shameless advertising!)

My waffles bring me joy. They start my day. And if you tune in to The Saturday Short blog post this weekend, I will give you the recipe!

There is only one sadness.

The last bite. The 24 hours before I can eat them again. Truly, though, the wait is worth it.

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