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GF DF Waffle Recipe Revealed!

We begin as we should. With the basics. In a large, covered container, appropriately labeled.

Yes, a repurposed Tillamook Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream container (from our days living in White Salmon, WA--we got the buckets from a local ice cream shop--empty--we did not buy ice cream in that quantity!) holds my GF Flour Mix, otherwise known as .e Flour. Get it? dot-e. When I was teaching, I had many a high school student very jealous of my ability to shorten my name to a dot and a single letter.

In the Tillamook container, I mix together the following gluten-free flours. I use Bob's Red Mill flours, but other brands will do.

GF Flour Mix:

2 (3 lb) bags Brown Rice Flour

2 (1 lb, 6 oz) bags Quinoa Flour

1(1+ lb) bag Tapioca Starch

1 (1+ lb) bag Sorghum Flour

This makes a lot of GF Flour Mix. You can always halve it.

Here's another covered, appropriately-titled container, this one for the GF Waffle Mix--it must be time for Waffle-o-lio's!!!

NOTE: All this mixing and organizing may seem like a lot of work. But once it is done, it makes waffles-for-breakfast a breeze! (and SO much better than frozen grocery store ones you pop into a toaster).

Container of GF waffle mix, entitled Waffle-o-lio's!!!

GF Waffle Mix!

NOTE: I make a lot at a time so I don't have to think about it again for several weeks. Here is a good standard mix, but I often increase it.

12 cups GF Flour Mix 1 cup rice protein (see note below)

2 TBS baking powder

2 1/2 tsp salt

Single Batch GF Waffle Mix:

1/3+ cup GF Flour Mix

1/2 TBS rice protein

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

NOTE: Rice protein. I use NutriBiotic Raw Rice Protein, plain--but that's because I am very limited in my choices. If you want to add extra protein, find your favorite powdered kind and use that.

Okay! Now that you have filled your appropriately-labeled container with waffle mix, (or whipped up that single batch) you are good to go for many breakfasts to come (or for today)! So let's make some waffles!

Assemble ingredients:

The Ingredients.

First, the heaping 1/3 cup of GF Waffle Mix:

Heaping 1/3 cup GF waffle mix

Single Batch GF Waffles (increase as needed per person)

Put into (red) bowl:

heaping 1/3 cup GF Waffle Mix

2 whole eggs

1/4-1/2 boiled sweet potato, mashed (or 1 scoop--see Note)

NOTE: I boil 2-4 sweet potatoes depending on their size, for about 1 hour. I boil them rather than roast (which would, I know, make them yummier). But sugars of all kinds give me 3-day migraines (yeah—stumped every doctor I’ve seen with that one!), and I learned that boiling significantly lowers the Glycemic Index or amount of sugars (gotta love food chemistry!) in sweet potatoes, so I boil.

You can either cut them in quarters or halves and put the in fridge to use, or mash them, ice-cream-scoop them onto baking sheet, freeze them, then put in plastic bag in freezer. Get out two at a time, 1 for each day, replenish.

2 TBS olive oil (or oil of choice).

NOTE: I do not measure, but I am guessing I use about 2 TBS, I just tip the bottle and count to four. But depending on your spigot, that could mean a LOT of olive oil!

2 tsp ground cinnamon (I just dump some in)

1 tsp ground nutmeg

NOTE: Truly, I am making up these numbers. Just grate some until it looks like the amount you want :) Precision is not necessary.

a splash of dairy-free milk

NOTE: I use unsweetened Rice and Quinoa milk—can’t do soy or almond or hemp of any of the other varieties. I know. Bizarro. And I used to eat everything in sight. Things change.

Time to whisk it all together.

NOTE: I have very special helpers. The Waffle Boys: Captain Flathead and Whisky Business. My waffle companions every morning. But, ahem, they have been known to get into some trouble. Tune in to Tuesday's Blog for the tale of The Waffle Boys (there are 4 of them!)

Waffle Boys: Captain Flathead and Whisky Business

Add more milk if necessary. I make my batter fairly thick, but that’s what works best in my waffle iron. Yours might be better with a thinner batter. Worst case scenario: Sigh. Didn’t work. Have to make more.

Oil waffle iron if required (some need it, some don't. Err on the side of "need it" the first time you use a waffle iron. Stuck waffles = no fun.)

Then dump in some batter. You will quickly learn whether you have added too much or too little. Lava spill or teeny misshapen waffle. Trust me. Experimenting is encouraged and tasty.

I like to eat on a special place mat that Jonathan gave me made of thick wool, as are the coasters.

My felt placemat

My Breakfast Set-Up, waiting for the waffle to cook:


Done! A perfect gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free waffle with the best apple butter I have ever tasted (commercial brand, at least!). From an Amish farm in PA, but sold at our local Amish market. I buy it by the case.

Eat well, my friends, whether waffle or whatever your breakfast may be. These waffles fill me up for the whole morning, (but never feel heavy in the belly) so once I eat them I am good to go! Happy Saturday!

P.S. If you do not have a medical reason to eat gluten-and-dairy free, this same recipe can be used with unbleached white flour and milk. Though Jonathan, who can eat anything, does prefer these GF DF ones! Crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy in the middle.

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