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Even Every Winter Day

"We must go out and re-ally ourselves to Nature every day. We must take root, send out some little fibre at least, even every winter day."

-- Henry David Thoreau

Iced over at Sunrise. Annapolis, MD

With every step outside our homes, with every breath of cold air--even in cities--we can look for ways to re-ally with the natural world.

Song Sparrow in snow.

Sighting a bird, or simply a leaf spiraling to the ground; walking through a park, woodlands, or along a beach; listening to the chatter as you fill your bird feeders.

Tracks in snow at park.

These first steps can lead to awareness--watching how the bird behaves, picking up the leaf and looking at its veins. Noticing patterns in the ice, tracks in the snow.

Sweet gum balls and shadow in snow.

With each conscious connection, with every cast shadow, we send out our fibers, even every winter day.

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