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Learning to Say No

I learned an important lesson this past week. I should have said, No. Should have insisted. But instead I said, Yes, okay, I can do it.

And that was my mistake.

Why was it so hard? Because I, and I think a lot of us, want to say yes. Want to be the person others can count on.

This happens to me so often, I wrote a poem about it a few years ago


Try reading it out loud. Read it from left column to the middle to the right.

See if it resonates with you...

"No" Poem by me

Saying yes this week resulted in a minor car accident, and it was my fault. My front bumper needs repairing. Neck and back soreness sent me to a physical therapist and my heating pad.

(No worries, I'll be fine. But it's been a good daily reminder.)

I have given myself a good talking to.

Honor your body, I've told myself. Honor your limits.

And so, while I am traveling to India for the next 3 weeks (I know! Cool, huh!), I am saying no to blogging. I'll be back, but I am going to take a blog-break so I can focus on the trip.

Traveling to new places gives me new perspectives, new insights into the world and myself. I look forward to sharing them with you.

Meanwhile, I will be trying to remember to honor my body and its limits.

And when necessary, to say no.

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