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The Dream of Sky

At a time when so much divides us, Ríos' poem speaks to our commonality, and the place we all can meet. The sky.

We Are of a Tribe

~Alberto Ríos~

We plant seeds in the ground

And dreams in the sky,

Hoping that, someday, the roots of one

Will meet the upstretched limbs of the other.

It has not happened yet.

We share the sky, all of us, the whole world:

Together, we are a tribe of eyes that look upward,

Even as we stand on uncertain ground.

The earth beneath us moves, quiet and wild,

Its boundaries shifting, its muscles wavering.

The dream of sky is indifferent to all this,

Impervious to borders, fences, reservations.

The sky is our common home, the place we all live.

There we are in the world together.

The dream of sky requires no passport.

Blue will not be fenced. Blue will not be a crime.

Look up. Stay awhile. Let your breathing slow.

Know that you always have a home here.


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